Five Tips for Overconsumption

How to relax when you're just a little too high.

While it's impossible to die from cannabis overconsumption, the effects can be very unpleasant.

It’s practically a rite of passage for most tokers to have at least one not-so-great experience with cannabis. It can be all too easy to overestimate your dose and take one too many hits off that joint, or absent mindedly eat a little more of those magic brownies than you originally intended. 

Fortunately, it’s impossible to die from cannabis overconsumption, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be some unpleasant side effects. For some, overconsumption may result in mild anxiety and confusion. For others it’s a bit more severe, and can include nausea, vomiting, dizziness, paranoia, and delusions. While temporary, these experiences are still quite uncomfortable to go through.

Many consumers believe the only option is to ride it out. However, there are a few simple tricks that might help you calm down when you feel a little too high. 

1. Try some CBD

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a cannabinoid just like THC but without the psychoactive effects. CBD is known for its calming and anti-anxiety properties. Studies have shown it can lessen the anxiety and paranoia caused by overconsumption of THC. It can even be used as a preventative by mixing some cbd flower in your bowl or joint, or using a 1:1 product made up of equal parts CBD and THC.

2. Hydrate

A beverage can not only cure a bad case of cottonmouth, but it can also serve as a calming agent if you’re feeling overwhelmed. Water is best, and staying hydrated before and after consuming is important as consumption can dehydrate your body. However, other drinks like lemonade and orange juice can be utilized as well. They contain terpenes like limonene, which has also been shown to have stress-relieving and anti-anxiety properties.

3. Go for a walk

Fresh air, sunny skies, and a change of scenery can help alter nearly any bad mood or state, as will the exercise. Just remember to utilize the buddy system. The forest air may also serve as a source of calming terpenes.

4. Focus on a relaxing activity

Take your mind off racing thoughts and heartbeat with a relaxing but stimulating activity, like coloring or playing a board game. You could even try putting on a comforting T.V. show. Anything that will shift your attention away from the fact that you’re too high will give you an opportunity to calm down.

5. Take a nap

Sometimes, no matter what you do, it’s all too much and you just need to lie down. Find a calm, quiet space to sleep it off or close your eyes and focus on breathing. 

Of course, it’s always better to prevent overconsumption in the first place rather than deal with its consequences later on. It’s important to watch your dose, especially with edibles. Take it slow and try to go with the lowest dose needed. You can always up your dose in an hour if you’re not feeling it – but coming down isn’t so easy.

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