Meet MCR: Julian England

Meet Julian, the lab manager of our newest facility in New York!

Name: Julian England

Title: Lab Manager

How long have you been with MCR?

4 & ½ years

What made you want to work here?

I was interested in opening my own lab. I used to make my own carts, and I wanted to get into testing my own carts, which led me down the path to labs. I ended up finding MCR, and I loved the company. I’ve been here ever since. 

What’s an average work day look like for you?

At the Massachusetts lab, I basically do an overview for the entire lab. I come in and review everything from the previous day. I set the team up for samples and priorities. I look over paperwork and make sure all our records are up to date. Basically, I make sure everything runs smoothly and issues are addressed as they arise. 

In New York, I’ll be doing something very similar but right now we’re working on setting the lab up, organizing everything, and just getting ready to open. 

What’s your favorite part of the job?

I like working in this industry and knowing we’re making a difference and helping people. I like that day-to-day things are different, it’s not repetitive. I like being able to help in the lab as well as doing managerial stuff. Really just the company as a whole.

What are you most excited about entering the NY market?

I’m excited to play a major role in the success of the NY location. I’ll be able to see the market and the lab grow, and be able to train my team myself. 

What does your personal relationship with cannabis look like?

We go well together. I’m a recreational user. I enjoy learning about the plant more and more as new research becomes available. 

What do you like to do outside of work?

I like to do outdoor activities: hiking, snowboarding, and four wheeling. I enjoy working on cars. I’m very handy, so I do alot of my own house work as well. I have four kids who keep me pretty busy.

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