Meet MCR: Danielle Reardon

Meet one of our lab technicians, Danielle!

Name: Danielle Reardon

Position: Lab Technician I

How long have you worked at MCR?

1 & ½ years

Why did you choose to work here?

I used to actually work for a dispensary that was also a cultivation – Commonwealth Alternative Care. They had an extraction lab and they had their own analytical corner for in-house testing. I was working with an HPLC and a GCMS, literally exactly what we have here, and then I realized that I liked the testing part. I started working on sending our samples out to get tested and then I was like, ‘you know, I would really like to actually work at a place like MCR that is focused mainly on analytical testing.’

What’s your average work day look like?

I come in in the morning and see how many sheets I have, whatever work I have to finish from the night before, and check all my machines. From then on I just kind of buckle down. It’s pretty easy going. You definitely get to choose your own pace, which I like. It’s very routine, pretty much the same thing everyday. I’m a routine person, so working in a lab I knew was going to be my go-to. 

What’s your favorite part of the job?

I think my favorite part is actually getting down to the data part. I don’t do analysis but I do get to see a bit of background data. I’ll put samples on HPLC 6 and then the data team will sign off on it and it’s kind of an indication that these samples are good, there are no re-runs, and I find that the most rewarding. If you have so many re-runs, which is not usually the person sometimes it’s just the sample, but it’s tough not to think it’s you. So the next morning I’ll usually take a peak at our logs and see how many re-runs I had.

What’s your relationship with cannabis look like?

I think it’s very healthy now. Back in college I smoked it very recreationally. After college, I got anxiety and it’s one of those things where it’s very helpful to me now medicinally. It helps me relax, and actually be able to detach and decompress. For me, it’s the most helpful thing to be able to watch a funny show, eat a couple snacks, listen to music – it just gives me the ability to relax like a normal person. 

What do you like to do outside of work?

I recently got back into reading. I’m a big Colleen Hoover fan. I like to color, I love to listen to music – I really like to do things that don’t require much work, because work can be a little draining. After five days I just want to sit and decompress, maybe have a drink and read a book. I love playing my Wii too. 

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